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Home Makeover and Remodeling Ideas

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Home Remodeling Ideas

Home remodeling is the process of improving or renovating one’s home by making some changes in the outlook or interiors to the home. Home remodeling ideas are subjected to change in the interiors only or it may include the whole renovation of the house (inside-out). This, especially, depends upon the purpose of the improvement. If the renovation has to be done to just stylize the place, then, usually, the interiors are changed but if the intention is to sell the house at a higher price, the investment will go into improving outlook and the interiors of the house.

In this article, some home remodeling ideas are shared to upgrade the interiors and beautify the exteriors:

a) House Exteriors:
If the house is not built in an old-fashioned way, the exteriors can be improved, simply, by doing some denting and painting. Soothing and modern colors can be used to brighten up the exterior, along with, adding some plants by the boundary. Beautiful flower pots can be hung by the windows and pots and paintings can be added to the front porch. An attractive home always gets the attention of the potential buyers, even if the interiors are not so well maintained.

b) House Interiors:Interiors of a house include a lot of stuff like kitchen, bathroom, living area and the cupboards in the bedroom. Kitchen and bathrooms are the prime focus as those are the places which attract the most to people. Usually, women look for a modern, spacious and high tech kitchen and men go for a spacious bathroom with good lighting, latest designs in bathroom fittings and stylish look.

1.Kitchen Remodeling: A kitchen is the one area of the house where the whole family spends most of the quality time, so it has to be a really comfortable and spacious place. The cabinets of the kitchen should be big enough to accommodate all the stuff and the accessories placed in them should be easy to use and nicely painted. Next, the marble shelves should sync with the whole look of the kitchen and lastly, there should be ample space to fit in the latest kitchen gadgets like oven, chimney and stove burner.

2.Bathroom Remodeling: This can be a very sensitive and most important area for most people, so the improvements of this place must be well thought. Beautiful and latest bathroom fittings should be used, a check should be made that there are no leakages and the paint is not so dull. Big mirrors can be used in the bathroom to increase the lighting effect.

Home remodeling for selling can be a tricky business and involves a lot of factors to be kept in mind. Fliptechs are an expert in buying a house, remodeling it and selling the property. One can contact them for selling the house at a good cost.

This post is written by Don Gilmartin. Don is CEO and founder of Fliptechs Inc. a division of Group One Partners, Inc. Don has over 20 years of hands on real estate, property management and construction experience and is well versed in flipping property.

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Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling ideas are the benchmark for property improvements. When we set forth on establishing our home remodeling ideas we design ours so that they show off the properties full potential which builds the sweat equity we need to generate profit and investment return. Sometimes, simply painting a wall in a living room to going full blown kitchen remodel will create the remodel. Simple or elaborate, either way planning your remodel ideas will bring the transformation to its full potential.  Although remodel projects can involve simple wall patching or creating full openings to let in light and extend the size or use of a room, the scope of the project is as involved as you want to make it.

Any remodel idea gets its jump start from either the interior or exterior evaluation process. Seasonal remodels can also be as simple as dressing for a certain time of the year. Exterior yards and gardens can have seasonal plantings to hearken or celebrate the season. Any change to an exterior can help create a remodel especially when it can be seen from indoors. In our homes, staging the exterior with patio furniture, adding potted plant material or framing exterior windows helps support the entire remodel itself.

However, because we flip so much property, our projects can be more extensive and sometimes involve room additions to increase overall square footage. Since we typically makeover the entire home, our remodels involve thinking through the whole house and what it will look like after building all the sweat equity it takes to make a profit.

With our bathroom and kitchen remodels, we like to bring in as much light as we possible. We use as much white painted surfaces as we can in our design whether the kitchen needs it or not. If the cabinets are in good condition, we repaint them white. Wherever we can we add white bead board for back splashes and or wainscoting we do it. However, we still accent with colored walls and or dramatic granite counters to contrast the white.

Because we purchase older homes, most often replacing windows is number one in our home remodeling ideas. Replacing windows not only gives you a chance to make openings bigger and more modern creating more light; it also increases the value in one of the biggest ways possible for the property.

One of the finishing amenities in our remodels is that when we design our exteriors to coordinate with the entire home inside as well. With this in mind, we create a two or three tone color scheme on the interior to tie it all together. Accent walls made in the third color can and will reinforce a totally custom look and because a custom look always brings extended value to a home this final element will add the finishing touch to any remodel.

This post is written by Don Gilmartin. Don is CEO and founder of Fliptechs Inc. a division of Group One Partners, Inc. Don has over 20 years of hands on real estate, property management and construction experience and is well versed in flipping property

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Remodeling Tips

When it comes to home remodeling or what we refer to as rehabbing, we do so many different things which always focuses on creating a buyers emotional tie to the house. As a start, this post will focus on the curb appeal and or the exterior of the house. One of the first decisions we make is the exterior color scheme. We typically start with the roofs condition. If the roof is in good condition, we base the color scheme on the tone of the roof. Once the color scheme is established, we follow the following set of tips whiImagech have always generated fantastic results:

Tip number #1: Create a tri-color scheme for the house and if the home can handle, four colors is even better. Multiple colors always add dimension and interest to the home. It’s important to stay within a cohesive color pallet so your color scheme doesn’t get too far out there. Keep these areas in mind to develop your color scheme.

  1. Stucco
  2. Fascia or trim
  3. Front door  and shutters
  4. Landscape elements and blooming color

Tip number #2: if you frame the windows, you will be surprised what it will do to a h ome. Framing each window which shows on the street with 1”x6” pine framing material will boost the windows, make them stand out and give you an additional element to paint the color of the fascia to reinforce the color scheme.

Tip number #3: Build pot shelves or add window boxes. Any of the garden departments at the national DIY stores have plenty of choices for window boxes and or baskets. We like to build our own pot shelves and paint them with the fascia color. These window boxes can be filled with silk flower material for low maintenance color on each window.

Tip number #4: Create a landscape plan. A landscape plan is more than just a lawn. The landscape is an extension of the overall color pallet. The landscape should be worked into the overall look. Take note of professionally landscaped parkways and meridians, buildings and well landscape apartment buildings, note that saturated color is evident. Saturated color is the use of one or two colors only.

With all of these tips working together in one great plan, the overall curb appeal of any home will likely become a complete success adding to its curb appeal .

This post is written by Don Gilmartin. Don is CEO and founder of Fliptechs Inc. a division of Group One Partners, Inc. Don has over 20 years of hands on real estate, property management and construction experience and is well versed in flipping property.